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August New Moon Journal Ritual for We'Moon

Civilization’s way of tracking time was born out of the lunar rhythms of a woman’s monthly cycle, or moon cycle. The origins of the word “moon” come from the word “month” and “menses” both in Old English and Greek. Women would experience their period together on the New Moon and would ovulate at the Full Moon. The Lunar Calendar is what is innately inside each of us and, as women, many of us are beginning to remember this cycle, and to align our lives with it.

On the New Moon we set our intentions, consciously and deliberately focusing on the process over two weeks to the Full Moon, when the manifestations are clearly illuminated. One of the most valuable tools in this journey is journaling where we can explore our deepest selves. You will be guided through a writing process delivered via email to your inbox daily so you can participate in your own time during the lunar cycle from New Moon to Full Moon. Each day will bring forward various themes based on current astrological influences and the phase of the moon.

Registration for this event closes at 11:59pm Saturday, September 28th.

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